DELWP brings together Victoria’s planning, local government, environment, energy, suburban development, forests, emergency management, climate change and water functions into a single department to strengthen connections between the environment, community, industry and economy.

Our challenge is to maintain Victoria’s liveability with a population that is expected to almost double by 2050, while responding to climate change and protecting our natural environment, infrastructure and heritage for future generations.

Our public value outcomes

DELWP’s eight public value outcomes sets our focus and key directions.

This includes our contribution to shared government objectives in collaboration with other key departments and agencies:

  • Zero emission, climate-ready economy and community
  • Healthy, resilient and biodiverse environment
  • Reliable, efficient, accessible, safe and sustainable energy services
  • Productive and effective land management
  • Safe and sustainable water resources
  • A quality built environment
  • Sustainable and effective local governments
  • Reduced impact of major bushfires and other emergencies on people, property and the environment.

DELWP works with a range of organisations, industry bodies, policy institutes, and universities. These relationships include research, policy development, program implementation and funding support.

We have established the direction for DELWP through DELWP 2020, our strategic framework, and our chosen values of Teamwork, Wellbeing and Safety, Ownership and Service Excellence.

To ensure we deliver our services in the best way for all Victorians, we are building a positive organisational culture that drives high performance through strong leadership, diversity, collaboration, innovation and developing our people – becoming a diverse and inclusive organisation enables us to learn from each other, grow our understanding and find new ways of delivering results.  

Our vision and principles

Our vision for diversity and inclusion is a workplace culture that embraces individual differences in all forms and fosters innovation and inclusion. We will live our diversity and inclusion values when our people embrace the following principles:

  • Leverage the experience and ideas of others
  • Embrace different viewpoints
  • Feel they belong and know their unique contribution is valued
  • Have equal opportunity in the workplace
  • Connect effectively with our diverse customers and communities to understand their needs.

Page last updated: 04/02/19