Environmental policy statement

DELWP supports Victoria’s natural and built environment to ensure economic growth and liveable, sustainable and inclusive communities.

DELWP is committed to best practice and continuous improvement through reducing the environmental impacts of its operations as outlined in the DELWP Green Team Strategy.

To do this DELWP will:

  • Refine and maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) that drives continual improvement across the department
  • clearly communicate our Environmental Policy Statement and responsibilities to staff and contractors
  • set targets and objectives to minimise waste, environmental harm and pollution associated with departmental operations
  • ensure our operational activities exceed the requirements of environmental legislation and Government policy, and adopt leading edge environmental procedures and guidelines
  • minimise the consumption of water, energy, materials and other resources in all operational areas through discipline and innovation
  • ensure new capital works programs incorporate comprehensive environmental sustainability principles
  • incorporate environmental principles and, where possible, life cycle costing in decision making and procurement processes
  • ensure department staff have the ability to achieve these policy objectives
  • share our achievements and learnings with other departments
  • monitor, measure and publicly report our environmental performance.

Page last updated: 02/09/19