Improving conservation regulation

The Office of the Conservation Regulator (OCR) oversees regulatory functions in conservation and environment, including:

  • priority setting for regulatory activities
  • informing and educating about the law
  • providing clear standards and guidance
  • monitoring compliance and enforcing the law.

Established in early 2019, the OCR will lift regulatory performance, ensuring DELWP has the tools, systems and structures to be a best practice regulator.

Working with the community

The OCR will work with the Victorian community, fellow regulators, Traditional Owners, business and environment groups to ensure Victoria’s environment is protected and managed for current and future generations.

Early priorities of the OCR will include:

  • being clear on DELWPs regulatory purpose and approach
  • clearly outlining the scope and sanctions of laws we oversee
  • providing greater transparency and engagement opportunities with the Victorian community.

It will canvass diverse expertise to ensure the OCR is a best practice regulator that the Victorian community can have confidence in.

Chief Conservation Regulator

A recruitment process to appoint Victoria’s first Chief Conservation Regulator is underway.

Environmental regulation of timber harvesting

In 2018 DELWP, at the request of the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, commissioned an independent review of its timber harvesting regulations.

The review recommendations went beyond DELWP’s role in timber harvesting regulation to encompass all regulation undertaken by DELWP. The panel made 14 recommendations, which have been accepted in full. A copy of the report on the Independent Review of Timber Harvesting Regulation and DELWP’s response are available on the Forests and Reserves website.

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