On Wednesday 22 August, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade attended a fire on the 4th floor of 8 Nicholson Street in East Melbourne.

Initial crews were called at 7:11pm and arrived on scene in just 3 minutes after being alerted via an automatic alarm and 000 calls citing smoke.

All occupants safely evacuated

All occupants were safely evacuated from the building and there were no reports of injury. Read the MFB media release about the incident.

The department worked quickly to inform staff and visitors that the building remains closed while damage assessments and rectification works continue.

While the building is not safe to occupy, all staff are accounted for and there are no reported injuries.

DELWP has relocated staff to other buildings in the CBD, with many staff working remotely, ensuring the department is able to continue delivering services to customers, the community and stakeholders.

Staff safety

Staff safety is our top priority. We are making every effort to ensure the building is fully assessed and safe before we provide staff with access.

Further information

If you have any queries, please contact the DELWP Customer Contact Centre on 136 186