In 2016 DELWP developed a five-year strategic plan for the department that would help ensure we deliver on our promise to put the community at the centre of everything we do.

DELWP 2020 includes a range of actions and outcomes that articulate our shared government priorities, public values, commitments to the community and approach to investment to achieve strategic outcomes.

These priorities have been specifically linked to the projects and work we are doing, from becoming a leader on climate change to facilitating growth in future industries.

DELWP 2020 guides us on how we can work together to deliver our services in water, energy, environment, fire and emergency management, climate change, planning, suburban development and local government in an integrated way.

This work is supported by corporate services, enabling delivery of key projects through finance and planning, business and executive support, legal services, communications, IT and People and Culture.

DELWP 2020 is reviewed regularly to make sure our work continues to align with government priorities. We also engage with other departments to make sure our shared strategic priorities deliver benefits for all Victorians.

In 2017 we refreshed DELWP 2020 to reflect some changes within the department, including the Office of Suburban Development, as well as new policies in relation to climate change, biodiversity, planning, water and fire management.

Read our Strategic Framework (PDF, 133.2 KB) on a page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DELWP 2020?

DELWP 2020 is our five year strategic framework that sets out a range of actions and outcomes to ensure we deliver on the government’s priorities and on our promise to the community during the next five years.  

This document is the foundation of all that we do as a department, working to serve our communities and protect the environment.

It will guide our annual planning processes and resource allocation for service delivery and asset investments.

Why has DELWP 2020 been created?

DELWP 2020 has been created to ensure we deliver value for all Victorians and to guide how we collaboratively work together to connect water, environment, energy,  climate change, fire and emergency management, planning, suburban development and local government in an integrated way.    

It links our government priorities, shared public values, strategic outcomes and community commitments to the projects and the work we are doing, from becoming a leader on climate change to planning for Victoria’s future population growth and ensuring our water resources are sustainably managed for our communities and the environment.

How will DELWP 2020 influence the way the department works?

DELWP 2020 lays out our priorities and commitments across each of our groups and portfolios and clearly designates their lifecycles and timeframes.

This framework provides absolute clarity around what we must achieve and when we must achieve it by.

This clarity will help to optimise our effectiveness in delivering on our commitments on time, within budget and in a way that makes a tangible difference to the wellbeing of our communities and environment.

Page last updated: 24/05/19