Between May and August this year, we’re asking communities to come together, and share their thoughts on what the priorities and challenges are for Melbourne’s 6 key metro regions.

Woman and man sitting in the park with their two small dogsIf you live, work or study in Metropolitan Melbourne, participating in your region’s Metro Partnership Assembly is your chance to tell the government what’s important to you in your local area – things like local jobs, health services, education, transport and the environment.

We recognise that communities know better than anyone what the priorities are in their local area, so we want to hear from as many different voices from the community as possible.

At your Metro Partnership’s regional Assembly, everyone will have a chance to share their ideas. The Metro Partnership then takes these ideas and presents them to the Victorian Government, who uses the advice to make decisions in the future.

From last year’s Assemblies, we identified some of the key priorities your community had for their region. Now we’re looking to understand more about these priorities.

The dates for each Metro Partnership Assembly are:

Visit the Engage Victoria website to learn more about the Metro Partnerships, register to attend an Assembly or sign up for updates.

We look forward to seeing you at the Metropolitan Partnership Assembly.