Dr Trevor Hancock

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) recently sponsored two international speakers to present at the Plan Melbourne Showcase. The purpose of the event was to ensure Victoria’s land use, transport and infrastructure planning reflected global best practice. 

Plan Melbourne, being led by DELWP, is a cross-departmental strategy guiding the liveability, sustainability and productivity of Melbourne as the state population grows to an estimated 10 million by 2051. The Plan’s vision, outcomes and directions are consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aimed at addressing global challenges.  

Lynn Richards, President and CEO of the United States Congress for the New Urbanism, discussed the need to build walkable mixed-used neighbourhoods, support local businesses and create great places for people. Lynn has provided input on Plan Melbourne projects including the 20-Minute Neighbourhood Pilot Program and the Land Use Framework Plans.

Dr Trevor Hancock, a world-renowned public health physician, spoke about the relationship between health and the built environment. He also discussed the need to create family-friendly cities to address entrenched social inequalities.

Representatives from across government also shared project updates on six Plan Melbourne actions: 20-Minute Neighbourhoods (DELWP), Improvements in the Metropolitan Bus and Tram Network (Department of Transport), Recognition and Protection of Aboriginal and Cultural Heritage (Department of Premier and Cabinet), Not-for-profit community service providers (Victorian Planning Authority) and Cooling and Greening Melbourne (DELWP).

The Showcase forms part of DELWP’s commitment to build a Plan Melbourne Community of Practice, where project teams share insights and lessons learned. The Showcase is the first of many events to come, which will be open to local and state government delegates, to help develop a Plan Melbourne network. 

Find out progress on the plan in the Plan Melbourne Report on Progress 2018 and keep up to date by visiting the Plan Melbourne website.

Page last updated: 17/04/19