Local Government Victoria (LGV) recently released the Councils and Emergencies Position Paper, which provides a comprehensive overview of the emergency management responsibilities and activities that councils undertake for the betterment of their local communities.

This is important foundational work as part of the Councils and Emergencies Project, aimed at understanding and enhancing the emergency management capability and capacity of local government.

The release of the position paper marks the completion of phase one of the project. Phase two will involve LGV working with councils to understand their emergency management capability and capacity based upon the position paper and the Victorian Emergency Management Capability Blueprint 2015-2025. This assessment will consider the identified needs and risk profile of each individual municipality. Phase three of the project will develop strategies to address any gaps identified during phase two of the project.

In support of the position paper, LGV has also released a consultation report which provides an in-depth analysis of the rigorous consultation process that began in 2016, culminating in the finalised position paper. The consultation report highlights key feedback received from the local government and emergency management sectors as part of the project.

To obtain a copy of the position paper and consultation report please visit: http://localgovernment.vic.gov.au/councils-and-emergencies.Emergency relief centre