The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has appointed three new members to the Otway Coast Committee.

Mikhala McCann, Libby Riches and Kris Thomas will join the committee responsible for managing coastal Crown land between Marengo and Separation Creek.

DELWP Regional Manager Land Planning and Approvals, Greg Leece, said: “The newly appointed members have strong links with the local community and are passionate about the environment.”

“Their skills and knowledge will complement the experience of existing committee members.”

They join Andrew Buchanan (Chair), Robyn Adams (Deputy Chair), Bruce Adams, Dianne Clarke, Graham Costin and Jennifer Johnson on the committee.

Mr Leece said the committee has an important role in providing advice on the delivery of coastal management to the local community.

“We are confident this committee is well-equipped to represent their local community in protecting and enhancing our region’s marine and coastal environment into the future,” Mr Leece said.

“It is important to ensure committees who are making decisions on behalf of the community are representative of the community, its opinions and its needs.

“The newly-appointed Otway Coast Committee has achieved an equal gender split, ensuring the committee is an accurate representation of the community they serve.

“I would like to thank those who submitted applications as well as outgoing committee members, who were committed to managing this important stretch of coastline on behalf of the region.”