Victoria’s Forest Protection Survey Program (FPSP) has now completed surveys for target species – including many threatened species - in 422 coupes across Victoria.

The FPSP was established in July 2018 to deliver better protection for threatened species and improve the quality of data for forest management.

This has led to records, so far, of around 2000 target species, including many threatened species, with more than 7,500 observations now recorded overall for all fauna and flora groups.

The 422 coupes surveyed account for more than 80% of coupes planned for harvest in the 2018-2019 financial year as well as many coupes planned for harvest in the 2019-2020 financial year.

The data gathered from the survey programs is helping build a better understanding of the habitats of threatened species, and where they are located to inform and improve threatened species habitat distribution. The FPSP team is continually improving its data reporting systems and processes and is working on making more data, including location data, available more quickly.

The results of these surveys can be viewed through a custom map viewer on DELWP’s website. Viewers can click on a specific coupe and see when the survey was conducted and what flora or fauna species were detected.

The map viewer provides a new level of transparency and gives local communities a better understanding of where surveys are being held, when the surveys occurred, and what target species were identified.  

Data can also be viewed and downloaded via a dynamic table.

The FPSP does not replace the need for VicForests to undertake its own assessment of biodiversity values before harvesting.

The FPSP is currently planning surveys for the coming winter months, and for next spring and summer.

The Forest Protection Survey Program viewer and dynamic table are available at: and further information about the design of the program is available at

Page last updated: 20/06/19