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Vicmap Products

Vicmap Catalogue 2016-17

The Catalogue lists all of the current 14 Vicmap Products.

It includes:

  • information about the products - themes and source datasets
  • case studies of how each product may  be used
  • access options
  • technical detail such as coverage and currency.

For a published hard copy, contact

Vicmap Catalogue 2016-17 (PDF, 2.4 MB)

Vicmap Catalogue 2016-17 (RTF, 369.7 KB)

Vicmap Address

Vicmap Address provides a current geo-coded database of address points across Victoria. Captured at various scales up to 1:25,000 and complements Vicmap Property & Vicmap Transport.

Point addresses consist of:

  • Street number, street name
  • Locality
  • Cross reference to Local Government
  • Post code and State
  • Cross reference to Vicmap Property
  • Census District Attribute.

Vicmap Address is available under a Creative Commons license

Product description V6 (PDF, 355.1 KB)

Product Description V6 (accessible version) (DOCX, 476.9 KB)

Data Model V6 (PDF, 169.0 KB)

Vicmap Admin

Vicmap Admin provides various administrative boundaries across Victoria, captured at scales of at least 1:25,000. It includes:

  • Local Government Area boundaries and names
  • Locality boundaries and names
  • Postcode boundaries and numbers
  • State Electoral boundaries and names
  • Local Government Ward boundaries and names
  • Parish and Township boundaries and names
  • State Government departmental boundaries and names.

Vicmap Admin is available under a Creative Commons license.

Product Description V2.7 (PDF, 772.5 KB)

Product Description V2.7 (DOCX, 536.9 KB)

Data model V13 (PDF, 14.6 KB)

Vicmap Crown Land Tenure

Vicmap Crown Land Tenure provides spatial data for private use tenures over Crown Land. It includes:

  • Grazing licences
  • Unused road licences
  • Committee of management reserves
  • Apiaries
  • Miscellaneous permits and consents.

Vicmap Crown Land Tenure is available under a Creative Commons license.

Product description V1.7 (PDF, 421.8 KB)

Standard Data model V3.3 (PDF, 9.9 KB)

Basic Data Model V2.1 (PDF, 9.4 KB)

Vicmap Elevation

Elevation data assists with terrain analysis and land assessment by providing contour and relief information. DELWP provides statewide digital representation of Victoria's terrain surface. This elevation information combined with customer business information enables more efficient and effective planning of landscape sensitivity, catchments modelling and habitat suitability. Vicmap Elevation consists of several elevation datasets.

The sub-products listed below are available under a Creative Commons license.

For new elevation data acquisition go to the Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP).

Vicmap Elevation - DTM20m & DTM10m

Product description V1 (PDF, 3.4 MB)

Vicmap Elevation - 10-20 Contours & Relief

Product description V2 (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Product description V2 (DOCX, 1.8 MB)

Data Model V3.4 (PDF, 11.6 KB)

Vicmap Elevation - 1-5 Contours & Relief

The Vicmap Elevation sub-products listed below are available under a DELWP Data Access License Agreement.

See Licensing

For archived elevation data from 2004 onwards, contact one of our Data Service Providers

Vicmap Elevation - Coastal Topographic 1m DEM and 0.5m Contours.

Product description V2 (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Vicmap Elevation - Multi-Res DEM & Contours

Product description V1 (PDF, 478.3 KB)

Vicmap Features of Interest

  • Building Point
  • Building Polygon
  • Geo Area Hydro Label
  • Geo Area Relief Label
  • Geographic Names Register
  • Locality point
  • Place Area Polygon
  • FoI Index Centroid
  • FoI Index Extent
  • FoI Point
  • FoI Line
  • FoI Polygon
  • Product Description V3

Product Description V3 (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Product Description V3 (DOCX, 1.1 MB)

Data Model V2.1 (PDF, 12.3 KB)

Vicmap Feature Catalogue (PDF, 28.1 KB)

These datasets are available under a Creative Commons license.

Vicmap Hydro

Victoria's water features.

Watercourses, water areas and points

  • Shorelines
  • Navigation points
  • Water structures

Vicmap Hydro is available under a Creative Commons license.

Product description V5.4 (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Data model V2.1 (PDF, 12.4 KB)

Vicmap Imagery - Aerial Photography

Our aerial photography can improve your assessment of the landscape helping with bushfire risk management, property developing and flood mapping. Vicmap Imagery is Victoria’s most up to date aerial photography resource.

The imagery has been obtained from various projects over the State with most through the Coordinated Imagery Program.

You can find historic aerial photography from the 1930's to 1990's on the LANDATA website or you can access the historic aerial photography library at Land Use Victoria’s aerial photography storage facility.

57 Cherry Lane, Laverton, 3028, PH: (03) 8368 5411

Vicmap Imagery – Aerial Photography is available under a DELWP Data Access License Agreement.

See Licensing.

Vicmap Incremental Update Format (IUF)

Our IUF feed allows for fast updates with files that contain only the changed information, rather than entire revised datasets. IUF is ideal for regular customers and automated systems.

Vicmap IUF data is available under a Creative Commons license.

Vicmap Incremental Update Format data model (PDF, 12.7 KB)

Vicmap Index

Victoria's reference indexes and extents.

  • Key extents for Vicmap framework products
  • State border and coastline
  • Vicmap Topographic Indexes
  • Spatial Visions Mapbook Index
  • VicRoads Book Indexes

Vicmap Index is available under a Creative Commons license.

Vicmap Index Product Description V4.1 (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Vicmap Index Product Description V4.1 (DOC, 648.0 KB)

Data model V1 (PDF, 14.9 KB)

Vicmap Lite

Vicmap Lite is a generalised statewide, seamless product for web and PDA developers, cartographers, GIS users and analysts, marketers and report producers. It is ideal for web mapping, navigational devices and hard copy cartographic products.

The product is designed for use between 1:250,000 and 1:5,000,000 scales.

It is easy to use, fast to load and small in size.

Vicmap Lite is available under a Creative Commons license.

Product description V5 (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Data model V1.2 (PDF, 16.3 KB)

Vicmap Planning

Victoria's planning scheme map information.

Each planning scheme contains:

Zones, which indicate the type of land uses that may be appropriate in that zone, such as residential, industrial or rural.

Overlay controls, which reflect specific characteristics of land in an area i.e. significant vegetation or heritage values.

Vicmap Planning is available under a Creative Commons license.

Product description V1.5 (PDF, 430.1 KB)

Data model V2.1 (PDF, 11.4 KB)

Vicmap Position

Vicmap Position - GPSnet™ is a subscription based positioning correction service for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) users throughout Victoria.

Visit the GNSS website.

Vicmap Property

Victoria's most accurate property index.

  • parcel and property polygon views
  • parcel and property identifiers
  • Standard Parcel Identifiers (SPI) and council property numbers
  • registered and proposed parcels
  • Crown and freehold land differentiation
  • cadastral road casement boundaries
  • easements
  • Unique Feature Identifiers, date stamps and data quality information
  • cross reference to Vicmap Address and Vicmap Admin.

Vicmap Property is available under a Creative Commons license.

Product Description V7 (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Product Description V7 (DOCX, 1017.0 KB)

Standard Data model V4.2 (PDF, 15.1 KB)

Simplified1 Data Model V3.3 (PDF, 14.0 KB)

Simplified2 Data Model V4.1 (PDF, 14.9 KB)

Vicmap Reference tables

Reference tables are used to support Vicmap data. They may list the full name, description and other attributes associated with a feature code or identifier. For example, the 'PARISH' Reference Table includes the identifier, name and status of each Parish in Victoria.

Visit the Land Channel website.

Vicmap Transport

Victoria's transport network.

  • Road centrelines
  • Road structures
  • Railways, tramways & structures
  • Railway stations
  • Airports
  • Road labelling from attribution.

Vicmap Transport is available under a Creative Commons license.

Product description V5 (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Product description V5 (DOCX, 1.1 MB)

Technical specifications (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Technical specifications (DOCX, 1.8 MB)

Data model v3.3 (PDF, 13.4 KB)

Vicmap Vegetation

Victoria's vegetation density.

Vicmap Vegetation - Tree density dataset is available under a Creative Commons license.

Vicmap Vegetation – Plantation dataset is available under a DELWP Data Access License Agreement. Refer to to the Access and Licensing section for more information.

Product description V3 (PDF, 862.8 KB)

Product description V3 (DOCX, 864.4 KB)

Data Model v4.1 (PDF, 9.3 KB)


Geomark includes the named topographic features that are found in Vicmap Elevation, Vicmap Hydro, Vicmap Features of Interest and Vicmap Transport. A 'named feature' is something which has a recognised name such as the Murray River. It also includes features which 'could be named'.

In the Geomark dataset, geometries are modified to be consistent. For example, the Yarra River in Vicmap Hydro is stored as many individual line segments whereas in Geomark it is represented as a single line.

Geomark Product Information Sheet (PDF, 230.5 KB)
Geomark Product Information Sheet (DOCX, 88.4 KB)

For further information or assistance on any of these products or documents contact