DELWP Core Spatial Data Services Roadshow

Plenary presentations from the Benalla Core Spatial Data Services Roadshow, 18th September, are provided at the link below; The remainder of the presentations are same as for the Melbourne CSDS Roadshow below.

Plenary presentations - Benalla CSDS Roadshow

Plenary presentations from the Ballarat Core Spatial Data Services Roadshow, 11th September, are provided at the link below; The remainder of the presentations are same as for the Melbourne CSDS Roadshow below.

Plenary presentations - Ballarat CSDS Roadshow

Presentations from the inaugural DELWP Core Spatial Data Services Roadshow are provided at the links below.

Melbourne 29 August 2018

Plenary Presentation

Surveying - Assessment Reports and Crown Survey

Surveying - GDA2020

Surveying - Practice Directives

Surveying - Survey Audit Program

Spatial - Vicmap Data Insights

Spatial - Vicmap Editing Service

Spatial - Spatial Services Transformation

Spatial - Imagery and Elevation

Geographic Names

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Digital Cadastre Modernisation Project

The Victorian Government is upgrading the authoritative map of the state's property boundaries, known as the 'digital cadastre'. This investment ensures that one of Victoria's most important datasets is more accurate, modern and easily accessible.

The Digital Cadastre Modernisation Project complements existing Government initiatives such as Smart Planning and ePlan and will enhance the accuracy Vicmap, the state's authoritative map base.

View the YouTube clip to see how the modernised digital cadastre will transform the way information is gathered, stored and accessed, providing a foundation for improved digital property and land registration services for Victorians.


DELWP Core Spatial Data Services Strategy 2018-2023

The Victorian Government (led by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning - DELWP) has been a core spatial data service provider for over 40 years. The data services we provide are highly valued and make a significant contribution to the Victorian economy.

The DELWP Core Spatial Data Services Strategy sets the five-year strategic direction for how DELWP will source, aggregate, maintain and provide access to Victoria’s core spatial data. It reconfirms our focus on being the trusted source of core spatial data services for Victoria, strengthened by a new focus on helping government, industry and the community to generate value from spatial data.

We have listened to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders and are enhancing our service delivery so our customer interactions continue to be a positive experience. DELWP’s core spatial data services include Vicmap data, Coordinated Imagery Program and GPSnet and other services such as VicmapAPI

We have a plan to make sure we deliver tangible benefits to our customers and will strive to continually improve through engagement, good governance, reporting and annual review.

For a copy of the strategy, please click here CSDS Strategy (PDF, 2.6 MB).

A summary of the strategy can be found here CSDS on a page (PDF, 178.4 KB).

Vicmap Catalogue 2016-17

The Catalogue lists all of the current 14 Vicmap Products.

It includes:

  • information about the products - themes and source datasets
  • case studies of how each product may  be used
  • access options
  • technical detail such as coverage and currency.

For a published hard copy, contact

Vicmap Catalogue 2016-17 (PDF, 2.4 MB)

Vicmap Catalogue 2016-17 (RTF, 369.7 KB)

Updating Australia’s datum for GPS

GDA2020 is the new datum for Australia to replace the GDA94 datum used by devices with GPS navigation. It will ensure higher accuracy for GPS devices and offer some future proofing for Australia’s datum.

Visit the GDA2020 website.