Vicmap API Service Improvement projects

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Web Mercator tile service Development
We are currently developing a version of the Vicmap API for the Web Mercator projection environment. This will allow clients who have existing mapping applications utilising the Google Web Mercator projection to seamlessly integrate Vicmap API or the tile service alone.

It is anticipated that a production version of Vicmap API map layer in Web Mercator projection be available by the end of March 2013. We will keep you updated on the progress of this project 

Tile Maintenance Development
The Vicmap API Tile maintenance project is well underway. The aim of the project is to have fortnightly incremental updates to the API by the end of Financial year. The currently maintenance cycle is quarterly. This represents a significant improvement to the API data currency, bringing the API data closer to the equivalent Vicmap vector datasets.

Website redevelopment
The  Vicmap API website is currently undergoing redevelopment and redesign. It will feature new stories, a gallery, updates, developer’s space, and core information for decision makers. The New website planned to be launched in February 2013. 
We are looking for the development / GIS community to contribute and showcase any new developments utilising Vicmap API. Feel free to let me know where you are up to in your organisation. 

For further detailed information on any of the above topics feel free to contact the Vicmap API Product Manager Peter Debicki via or by calling 0419 526 755.

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