Vicmap API service and website is migrating

Thursday June 7, 2018

Dear Vicmap API Users,

Vicmap API is in the process of migrating licensed users to a new updated and re-architected service in the Amazon Cloud, (AWS).

Secondly this Vicmap API Website is migrating to the DELWP MAPS website  by the end of June 2018

We have redesigned the Vicmap API architecture to address the following key issues:

  • Integration: alignment of the tile scheme with the world standard and support for the XYZ format.
  • Performance: a new architecture leveraging MapProxy, AWS services and scalability.
  • Currency: streamlined and optimised tile update process to ensure Vicmap Basemaps are updated on a weekly basis with the latest Vicmap data.
  • Name Change: we are also renaming this service to Vicmap Basemaps, removing the API reference as this service is not an API

Future enhancements will include:

  • 256 tile Web Mercator
  • Enhanced styling includes softer colour tones and improved labelling
  • grey scale
  • fused (hybrid) aerial and cartographic overlay products
  • new and improved address searching
  • phasing out of OpenLayers 2.0 extensions specific to the Vicmap API.

We have already contacted all our licensed users regarding the change process. This is to inform all other interested parties of this website move and service migration.

If you are  a licensed user or developer and have not been contacted over the past few months regarding the transition of service please contact Vicmap API support via

Page last updated: 20/06/19