MapShareVic 's interactive map includes the following themes :

  • Forest Explorer
  • Public Land
  • Water
  • Wetland


Land Channel

Land Channel's interactive map which includes:

  • Property or place finding
  • Street directions with Melways and VicRoads
  • Build your own map from available features

Land Channel

Office Locations

Our programs and services are delivered throughout six Victorian regions: Hume, Gippsland, Port Phillip, Grampians, Loddon Mallee and Barwon South West.



The Native Vegetation Information Management system (NVIM) is an online tool to access Victoria’s native vegetation information.


Information on Victoria’s flora and fauna distribution, native vegetation, marine bathymetry and land classification

Forest Fire Management

Planned Burns

Displays all approved planned burns for the next 10 days.

Fire Operations Plan

Where and when DELWP and Parks Victoria intend to carry out fire management operations on public land.

Past Bushfires Maps

Locations of significant bushfires in Victoria


Victorian Heritage Database

Explore heritage overlays and records held by the National Trust of Australia and the Victorian War Heritage Inventory

Property and Land Titles


Allows you to search and download survey information from one location.


The Survey Marks Enquiry Service (SMES) managed by the Office of Surveyor-General Victoria.


Notification for Editing Service (NES) facilitates improvement of spatial data quality and currency.


A searchable register of Victorian place names.


A subscription based positioning correction service for Global Navigation Satellite System users throughout Victoria.



Find a property anywhere in Victoria, access applicable planning rules and generate a planning property report.

Planning Maps Online

View planning zones, overlays, planning schemes and print reports

Water and Catchments


View and share details about Integrated Water Management projects.

Water in Your Region

Find out about water storages, irrigation and local catchment authorities.

Water Measurement Information System

Access surface water and groundwater monitoring data collected by DELWP and its partners.

Dam Locations

The location of dams used to store water for drinking, industry and farming.

Emergency Water Points

Water supply points provide water for bushfires, stock and domestic purposes during severe drought.

Groundwater Resource Report Map

Aquifer information for any location in Victoria


Leadbeaters Possum

An overview of Leadbeater's Possum spatial information for the Central Highlands region of Victoria.

Swooping birds

Locations where birds swoop during the spring breeding season.