Forest management for multiple values and uses

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is developing a State Forest Management Strategy (the Strategy) to guide and inform future forest management planning for the multiple values and uses of our State forests. 

Victoria has 3.2 million hectares of beautiful State forest covering an array of important ecosystems and habitats that need to be managed well to ensure Victorians can continue to access, enjoy and appreciate the benefits they provide.  

The Strategy will help us respond to key forest management challenges - including climate change, population growth, biodiversity decline, and changing community needs and expectations. It will enable Traditional Owners to partner in future forest and land management according to self-determination principles.

Community input and partnership

An understanding of current community values, needs and aspirations for forests gained from extensive and ongoing community consultation is informing development of the Strategy.

December 2018 – March 2019: Future of our Forests statewide public consultation. Complete.  June 2019: Future of our Forests statewide public consultation report published. Complete. July 2019 – mid 2020: Future of our Forests statewide management strategy. Draft in development. Mid 2020: Public consultation on the State Forest Management Strategy Draft. Will begin 2020. Mid 2020: Public consultation report on the State Forest Management Strategy published. Due 2020. Late 2020: State Forest Management Strategy complete. Due 2020.

The Strategy, which complements Parks Victoria’s Land Management Strategy will support planning and decisions made on the ground and guide management of Victoria's State forests for their multiple uses, in line with community values.

Both the DELWP and Parks Victoria draft strategies will be publicly available for review and comment in mid-2020.

The Strategy is part of the current major program of forest management reform in Victoria that also includes development of the, soon to be released, Vision for Victoria’s Forests.

The Vision for Victoria’s Forests

The Vision for Victoria’s Forests values the unique ability of Traditional Owners to care for Country and their role as partners in land and forest management. It articulates a clear, multi-generational goal for future management of forests – across parks, reserves and State forests – for DELWP and Parks Victoria.

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