The public lecture series comprises bi-monthly lectures on the science and management principles that underpin and inform contemporary forest management.

The lecture series is jointly produced by DELWP and The Royal Society of Victoria. Lecture themes  are consistent with the criteria that shapes the State of the Forests Report, as defined under the international agreement of the Montreal Process for sustainable forest management.

Lectures include presentations from scientists, researchers and technical experts, both within and external to DELWP, who bring significant relevant expertise to contribute to a robust public discourse on contemporary forest science and management.

    Lecture themes in the public lecture series:

  • March 2019: Criterion 1 - Conservation of biological diversity
  • May 2019: Criterion 2 and 3 - Maintenance of productive capacity of forest ecosystems and maintaining ecosystem health and vitality
  • July 2019: Criterion 4 - Conservation and maintenance of soil and water resources
  • September 2019: Criterion 5 - Maintenance of forest contribution to global carbon cycles
  • November 2019: Criterion 6 - Enhancing the socio-economic benefits of our forests
  • December 2019: Legal, institutional and economic framework for forest conservation and management

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