The public lecture series comprises bi-monthly lectures on the science and management principles that underpin and inform contemporary forest management.

The lecture series is jointly produced by DELWP and The Royal Society of Victoria. Lecture themes  are consistent with the criteria that shapes the State of the Forests Report, as defined under the international agreement of the Montreal Process for sustainable forest management.

Lectures include presentations from scientists, researchers and technical experts, both within and external to DELWP, who bring significant relevant expertise to contribute to a robust public discourse on contemporary forest science and management.

    Lecture themes in the public lecture series:

  • March 2019: Criterion 1 - Conservation of biological diversity
  • May 2019: Criterion 2 and 3 - Maintenance of productive capacity of forest ecosystems and maintaining ecosystem health and vitality
  • July 2019: Criterion 4 - Conservation and maintenance of soil and water resources
  • September 2019: Criterion 5 - Maintenance of forest contribution to global carbon cycles
  • November 2019: Criterion 6 - Enhancing the socio-economic benefits of our forests
  • December 2019: Legal, institutional and economic framework for forest conservation and management

Public Lecture 1: 20 December 2018

The first public lecture focused on:

  • surveying and modelling the habitat of threatened species (Dr Lindy Lumsden and Dr Graeme Newell, Arthur Rylah Institute)
  • updating mapping of old growth forests and rainforests (Associate Professor Craig Nitschke, University of Melbourne)
  • leveraging and addressing gaps in an existing body of research on the values communities hold for Victoria’s forests (Dr Rebecca Ford, University of Melbourne)

View the speaker biographies, videos of the presentations, and panel questions and answers.

Public Lecture 2: 13 March 2019

The second public lecture focused on:

  • New insights into ecology, dynamics and management of ash-type eucalypt forests based on long-term research (Professor David Lindenmayer, Australian National University)
  • DELWP-RMIT Partnership: a decade of remote sensing science supporting forest policy (Professor Simon Jones, RMIT University)
  • Assessing genetic risks to Victorian flora and fauna for conservation planning (Dr Emma Razeng and Dr Peter Kriesner, Monash University/cesar Australia)
  • The Conservation Status Assessment Project (Vanessa Craigie, DELWP Biodiversity Division)

View the speaker biographies and videos of the presentations.

Public Lecture 3: 21 May 2019

The third public lecture was held on the 21st of May at the Box Hill Institute in Lilydale. It began with a presentation by Dr. Bill Jackson on the findings of the Independent Consultation Paper: Modernising the Victorian Regional Forest Agreements. This was followed by presentations under the theme of “Maintenance of productive capacity of forest ecosystems”:

  • Wood+: Insights and lessons from an analysis of the history of planted trees in Australia (Braden Jenkin)
  • Testing Tolerance: Frequent high-severity wildfire and regeneration of temperate eucalypt forests (Tom Fairman)
  • Challenges and opportunities for Victorian native forest silviculture in the 21st Century (Patrick Baker)

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Public Lecture 4: 25 July 2019

The fourth public lecture focused on:

  • Climate change and water availability (Rachel Brown)
  • Forest and water: Challenges, uncertainties, decisions (Patrick Lane)
  • Post-fire predictions and mitigating the hydrogeomorphic response of burnt landscapes (Dr René Van der Sant)
  • Climate risks and science-policy interface dilemmas in Australia's Murray Darling Basin (Jason Alexandra)

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Public Lecture 5: 24 September 2019

The fifth public lecture focused on:

  • Assess the carbon stability of fire-tolerant forests in fire-prone landscapes (Lauren Bennett)
  • Opportunities for Victoria's Traditional Owners and Catchment Management Authorities to participate in the carbon market (Zoe Ryan)
  • Increasing tree and forest carbon stocks in Victorian landscapes: accounting, policy and implementation challenges (Rod Keenan)
  • The role of forests in the global carbon cycle with an example from the Victorian wet sclerophyll forests (Heather Keith)

View the speaker biographies and the videos of the presentations.

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