RFA modernisation program

The Victorian Government has embarked on a major program to modernise the State’s Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) and the forest management system they accredit, through comprehensive engagement with Victorian communities.

The Victorian Government has made a clear commitment to work in partnership with Traditional Owners to deliver the RFA modernisation program and manage Victoria’s forests into the future.

Through the 2018-19 budget, the Government has committed $35.9 million over four years to deliver greater community value from our forests.

This includes $17.6 million allocated to the modernisation of Victoria’s RFAs and forest management system, which will improve the long-term management of Victoria’s forests and ensure the RFAs reflect modern science and consider community needs.

The RFA modernisation program will include:

  • Comprehensive engagement with Victorian communities about what they value in forests
  • Redesign of what forest values information we collect and the way we collect that information
  • Development of a vision for the future management of our forests
  • Renewal of Victoria’s five RFAs
  • Reform of environmental regulation of timber harvesting operations, and
  • Refreshing forest management planning, including greater integration with fire planning.

The remaining $18.3 million has been committed to undertake pre-harvest surveys in timber harvesting coupes. This will provide greater operational certainty for the timber industry and improve the management and protection of threatened species. Further information on the pre-harvest survey program is available here.

Page last updated: 30/10/2018