Delivering on our promise

The community charter is the beginning of our work, not the end – and is only as good as its implementation on the ground. DELWP will be working with you to make this work at a practical level throughout Victoria.

When the charter is working:
  • You feel included and that you are part of the decision-making process
  • You will tell us we have communicated openly and honestly
  • You will be clear about what we do, who your local contacts are and how we can help
  • You will be open with us and tell us about your issues and aspirations
  • You trust us to do our jobs and to work with you

What you can expect of us

In all aspects of our work and interaction with the public we will:

Be available

Place-based community focusTalk to you where you live, work and play, and be visible in local communities
AccessibilityMake sure we are easy to contact and our information is straightforward and available in a variety of different ways
FlexibilityRespect the way you want to work with us, and adapt our approach according to local needs

Speak and listen

Active listening and understandingListen to and understand your views and needs and respect different opinions
Honesty and transparencyBe honest about what’s driving our priorities, what we can and can’t promise to do, our timelines and why decisions have been made
Clarity and purposefulnessBe clear why and how we are engaging, making sure we give you real opportunities to influence and make a difference

Take action

Timely and proactiveTalk to the community as early as we can, responding quickly to issues and feedback
ConsistencyEnsure we are consistent in the way we approach decisions
Closing the loopInform communities about the outcomes of projects and if our plans change we will let you know when this happens and why

Your feedback

We want your feedback on how we are doing, so we know if we are delivering on our promise. It helps us understand your experience and better meet your needs.

Have your say

Or contact us to tell us how we're doing.

Download the DELWP community charter (PDF, 156.2 KB)