Who are e-alerts sent to?

DELWP governance e-alerts are written for, and automatically sent to:

  • Chairs of major DELWP agencies
  • CEOs and other nominated contacts of major DELWP agencies.

Other readers can subscribe

Other interested readers are encouraged to subscribe to receive e-alerts, in particular:

  • major DELWP agencies - senior executives and governance staff
  • DELWP - governance relationship managers and teams.

Who sends e-alerts and how often?

E-alerts are sent by the Secretary of DELWP approximately four times a year.

What do e-alerts contain?

E-alerts contain information on governance topics of interest to DELWP agencies, such as:

  • laws and government policies (new and changed)
  • governance best practice
  • updates to On Board (e.g. new model policies and guidance notes issued by DELWP)
  • other governance news.

It is important to be aware that whilst e-alerts contain certain items of interest to DELWP agencies they do not provide exhaustive lists of new or amended laws, policies or other obligations that may affect your agency.

Previous e-alerts (DELWP)

Previous DELWP e-alerts are available below. Please note that some information and attachments may now be out-of-date, in particular:

  • laws or other obligations may have since changed
  • model policies, guidance notes, etc. may have since been updated. Check the current Governance guidance  on that topic.
  • Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees
  • Integrity framework (code of conduct) for boards
  • Changes to Freedom of Information Act
  • Risk management - new On Board support module
  • Financial management compliance
  • Complying with the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities
  • Annual reporting - feedback sought on new guide
  • Support from DELWP

DELWP e-alert no. 05 (DOCX, 162.6 KB)

  • On Board reopens with new guidance materials
  • Gifts, benefits and hospitality – new requirements and new DELWP model policy
  • Other integrity focused policies
  • Induction kit and program for board members
  • Mentoring kit for board members
  • Mandatory reporting to IBAC – new requirements
  • Victorian Protective Data Security Framework
  • Child Safe Standards
  • Looking for a board vacancy?

DELWP e-alert no.04 (DOCX, 54.2 KB)

Directors Code of conduct – effective 29 March 2016

DELWP e-alert no. 3 (DOCX, 101.2 KB)

  • Director's Code of Conduct – updated
  • Employee's Code of Conduct – updated
  • Conflict of interest - DELWP model policy adopted for Victorian public sector
  • Conflict of interest - new simplified Declaration of Private Interests form!
  • Meetings and decisions - update to DELWP model policy
  • Induction and education - new guidance for major DELWP agencies
  • Small committees of management - new induction pack and policy pack
  • Protected Disclosures to IBAC - key message in DELWP's new guidance note
  • Privacy and data protection - new guidance materials from DELWP
  • Model litigant guidelines
  • Risk Management Framework - new scope and requirements
  • Performance and financial audits.

DELWP e-alert no. 2 (DOCX, 261.0 KB)

  • About DELWP agencies
  • Conflict of Interest – Update to DELWP model policy for boards of major agencies
  • Conflict of Interest – new DELWP model policy for small voluntary committees of management
  • Privacy – new DELWP privacy collection statement builder
  • Financial management – new DELWP model policies and procedures for 'public bodies'
  • Annual reporting – Accounting policy update for 'public bodies'.

DELWP e-alert no. 01 (DOCX, 130.1 KB)

Previous e-alerts (DEPI)

Previous e-alerts from the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) are available below. Some information and attachments may now be out-of-date, in particular:

  • laws or other obligations may have since changed
  • model policies, guidance notes, etc. may have since been updated. Check the current Governance guidance on that topic.
  • Caretaker convention guidelines issued for Victorian election
  • DataVic Access Policy seminar

E-alert no 4 (DOCX, 163.2 KB)

  • Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission.
  • Caretaker conventions and the Victorian State election.
  • Procurement practice - minimum requirements.
  • DataVic Access policy

E-alert no 3 (DOCX, 173.6 KB)

Attachment 1 - List of agencies to which DataVic Access policy applies (DOCX, 61.3 KB)

  • DEPI annual reporting guide a (practical guide to annual reporting under the Financial Management Act).
  • Victorian Public Sector Commission Survey.
  • VAGO - forthcoming audits and new 'follow-up' procedures.
  • Privacy and Data Protection Bill.
  • FOI - annual reporting and new processing charges.
  • Recent changes to the Public Administration Act.

E-alert no. 02 (DOCX, 163.0 KB)

Attachment 1 - Annual reporting guide (PDF, 987.6 KB)

Attachment 2 - VAGO extract (DOCX, 44.4 KB)

Attachment 3 - FOI delegation template (DOC, 21.5 KB)

  • Amendments to Public Administration Act.
  • Victorian Public Sector Commission commences.
  • DEPI annual reporting guide will soon be published.
  • Introduction to On Board - one stop shop for governance information.

E-alert no. 01 (DOCX, 71.1 KB)

Attachment 1 - Resources available from DEPI (PDF, 807.6 KB)

Attachment 2 - Recent changes to the Public Administration Act (PDF, 150.5 KB)

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