Support modules

On Board support modules are a 'one stop shop' for information and resources on key governance topics. They include model policies and templates, guidance notes and governance guides, and direct links to the topic on other websites - e.g. Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC).

Model policies - your board should have policies in place that are consistent with DELWP’s model policies. This will assist your agency to meet its governance obligations.

Guidance notes – are an overview of a key governance topic or information on a particular aspect of it.

Induction – new board members should be provided with certain information in their induction program and kit.

This table contains support modules
Support modules with model policies Support modules without model policies
Board meetings and decisionsAbout DELWP agencies
Committees of managementAnnual reporting
Conflict of interestBoard vacancies
Dispute resolutionE-alerts
Financial managementGovernance basics
Gifts, benefits and hospitalityIntegrity complaints
Induction and educationPrivacy
Integrity framework (code of conduct)Public Administration Act
Legislative complianceRisk management
Meetings and decisionsSubcommittees
Performance assessmentTerms and conditions of appointment

Note that small (category 3) committees of management of Crown land reserves only need to use the Committees of management support module.

Governance e-alerts

DELWP offers e-alerts with governance news on topics such as:

  • new laws and government policies
  • developments in governance best practice
  • significant additions to On Board

Board members, executives and staff of DELWP agencies and other interested readers can subscribe.

Codes of conduct

The Code of Conduct for Directors of Victorian Public Entities (Directors’ Code of Conduct), which is issued by the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC):

  • applies to board members of DELWP agencies
  • is incorporated into DELWP’s model policy on Code of Conduct

There is also a Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees, which applies to employees of DELWP agencies.

Governance guides

In addition to the guidance notes and other resources in the support modules this includes the DELWP and the VPSC publish governance guides.

DELWP guide to good governance – board members

Currently being updated. The principles in the guide still apply.

DELWP guide to good governance (PDF, 1.3 MB)
DELWP guide to good governance (DOC, 3.6 MB)

DELWP guide to annual reporting - public bodies

A guide for those DELWP agencies with annual reporting obligations under the Financial Management Act. Updated each year.

Committees of management responsibilities and good practice guidelines

The guidelines are key reading for small (category 3) committees of management of crown land reserves. Published by DELWP.

Guide to governing in the water sector

The Water governance guide (PDF, 6.2 MB) provides an overview of the governance framework for the Victorian water sector at a point in time (February 2020). This guide is both an induction tool for newcomers and an update for existing directors. It also gives an introduction to the ministers, government departments and agencies that play a role in the oversight of the sector.

Water governance guide accessible version (DOCX, 268.8 KB)

The guide will benefit boards, directors and senior officers of water corporations, the Victorian Environmental Water Holder, the Victorian Catchment Management Council and catchment management authorities.

Welcome to the Board

Introductory guide published by the VPSC.

Victorian Public Sector Commission

As part of its role in promoting good governance in the public sector, the Victorian Public Sector Commission publishes codes and guidance. DELWP support modules have direct links to the relevant topic.

Watchdog agencies

These agencies promote a high standard of public sector governance as part of their role watchdog role.

Suggestions and feedback

Please email your suggestions for additional support modules and resources (e.g. model policies and guidance notes) and your feedback on how to improve existing resources to

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